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29 Apr 2019
Presidents Message - 2019 Season

Dear Members, The 2019 season is upon us, bringing with it new opportunities and new challenges. On behalf of the executive and senior members I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members. 2019 has the potential to be an excellent year f... [ Read more ]

18 Aug 2018
14th Annual Memorial Game Fundraiser

Come Support Us! On Saturday August 18th, Burghs will be  raising donations for the Ottawa School Breakfast Program, as part of its Annual Memorial Game Fundraiser   Online donations can be made by clicking the link Ottawa School Breakfast Program ... [ Read more ]

19 Aug 2017
13th Annual Memorial Game

Come join us for some Cricket, Dinner and other Fun Activities! New Edinburgh Cricket Club (NECC) is hosting its 13th Annual Memorial Game, held on Friday, August 19th at the Rideau Hall Pavilion Tickets are each $15 Following the cricket game Dinner... [ Read more ]

15 Oct 2016
2016 NECC Awards Niight

Burghs hosted its annual awards night on October 15th, 2016, recognizing various individual performances during the memorable 2016 season.  The event was a fun-filled affair - with attendees donning creative Halloween costumes, great food and drinks,... [ Read more ]

29 Jun 2016
12th Annual Memorial Game - August 5th

This year's 12th Annual Memorial Game will be held on Friday, August 5th, from 3:30-10:00PM at the Rideau Hall Pavilion.   Advance Tickets: $15.  Buy it online at Tickets at the gate: $20 Following the Cricket at Ri... [ Read more ]

25 Apr 2016
President's Message - 2016 Season

As we get closer to the upcoming 2016 cricket season here in Ottawa (finally!), I wanted to write a quick note on behalf of the 2015-16 NECC Executive. Firstly, I want to applaud our members for their ongoing support and passion for the game.  It was... [ Read more ]

20 Apr 2015
Burghs article in New Edinburgh Newspaper

An article about our cricket team has been published in the April edition of New Edinburgh News, the New Edinburgh community's bi-monthly newspaper.   You can find the article on page 35 - [ Read more ]

01 Jul 2010
Sure-fire Sledges to Use Next Time You're on the Cricket Field

1.  "Why don't you throw him a piano, see if he can play that." 2.  "Those are the only balls you've touched all day." - to a batsman adjusting his box. 3.  "Feel free to use the bat" 4.  "You're like a donut - all edges, no middle" 5.  "Give y... [ Read more ]

29 Jun 2010
CRICKET: As explained to a foreigner

You have two sides, one out in the field and one in. Each man that's in the side that's in goes out, and when he's out he comes in and the next man goes in until he's out. When they are all out, the side that's out comes in and the side thats been i... [ Read more ]