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Burghs MOvember tribute to Ravi

15 Nov 2012

The 2011 cricket season was an extraordinary one for Burghs in many respects.  It was one where the club soared to great heights on the field winning the club Challenge championship after fifteen long and often painful years.  However, amid the exultation and celebrations, tears were shed because the victory would have been far sweeter if one of our beloved players could have been there to share the joy with us. 

In 2011, we lost a great friend, teammate and mentor.  The scourge of cancer extended its whimsical hand and plucked our dear friend Saba Ravishankar from our midst.  It seemed like only yesterday when Ravi was with us playing in the 2010 Memorial Game and then one short year later, his was the life we were celebrating at this very same event. 
Ravi was the heart and soul of the Burghs and in the most special and noble ways, embodied the spirit of our team and what we all stand for and why we play the game.  To him, cricket was a vehicle through which the virtues of sportsmanship and fair play could be demonstrated. 

He was a man who stood above pettiness and the shallowness that we so often encounter on the playing field. 
Ravi loved the Burghs club and gave so much of himself to ensuring it survived and prospered. In his final years, he showed the same level of commitment to Nepean C.C.  Normally when cricketers leave clubs, there is some hard feeling and acrimony.  In Ravi's case there was none.  He was always welcome in each club and was deeply respected and loved by his peers.
Burghs owes a large debt to Ravi.  When the team was struggling after the 1998 season, Ravi was a key member who kept the club going and brought it back from a very weak position to become a
competitive force again.  He encouraged new members to join the club and cultivated a high level of sportsmanship in the organization. 

It was fitting that when the 2011 Memorial Game was dedicated to Ravi's memory, both Nepean CC and Burghs came together to raise an unprecedented amount of money in his name.  We raised close to $ 5000 that year to support the Canadian Cancer Society. 

We think Ravi would have been proud of our efforts.  This year, we continue to make the fight against cancer our priority as a club.  All of us have someone who has been touched by this dreadful disease and during the month of November, the men of this club grow our whiskers as part of of commitment to this good cause.  We ask you to go to to make a contribution in Ravi's name so that a cure for cancer can one day be found and we would have contributed towards making this happen.

Thank you!

Ajit Thomas

Dated: Nov. 15, 2012