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President's Message: Welcome to 2013 Season

11 May 2013

President’s Message

Firstly a very warm welcome to another season at New Edinburgh Cricket Club (Burgh’s) it certainly seems hard to believe another season is upon us!!  As I sit here and write my message I reflect on a number of things we have done over the past twelve months and feel we have continued to make good progress both on and off the field.  At the 2012 AGM we agreed to implement a new Executive committee and sub committees (social, cricket, juniors, membership) to improve decision making and focus.  In general, in its first few months of operation over winter, this appears to have worked well although as always there is still room for improvement.  On the Financial side the club is relatively in good health with an increase in membership, Sponsorship and fundraising and hopefully bar takings, we will be able to increase our general revenues. 

Off the field we continue to plan a number of successful social events including the opening practice curry night, summer cottage day, golf day, and mid-season dinner, along with several social.

As I look forward to this season it is fair to say that we haven’t stood still, we have continued with our winter cricket practice sessions.  I am also delighted to say we will be finalising arrangements for the cricket demonstration with a primary school which I am sure will build on the success of similar demonstrations of the past years.  It is so important that we continue to “do our bit” with the Community and really look forward to welcoming the respective parents and friends to Burgh’s.

Continuing with our community involvement, similar to past few years, Burgh’s will be participating in the community cup event on May 29th and June 30th hosted by Catholic Centre for Immigrants.


I would like to thank the support of all the committee members, and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of time and effort many people put into the smooth running of the Club.  I must also thank our many friends and supporters, for their encouragement, which is critical to ensure we are able to maintain the high standards we set for ourselves.

Finally it goes without saying may I wish everyone a successful 2013 season - and I hope to see you at the grounds of Rideau Hall or other cricket fields in town. Cheers to 2013!

Jeelani Khan