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Dominic Thomas reports from the 2010 Community Cup

29 Jun 2010

On Sunday June 27th, Brewer Park (just outside of Carleton University campus) played host to the 6th annual Community Cup.  This family event is hosted by the Catholic Immigration Center and is strongly supported by the Ottawa cultural and business communities.  The day is centered on a 7-on-7 soccer tournament aimed at welcoming new immigrants and encouraging them to discover the diversity that is so much a part of the Canadian fabric.  Several organizations use the event as an opportunity to introduce themselves to the Ottawa community and set up booths describing their services.  Overall, the Community Cup is very well organized with lots of cultural perspectives, food and entertainment available for the participants.

New Edinburgh Cricket Club was given the opportunity to participate in this important event.  Several members volunteered their time to set up and staff a booth that showcased the sport of cricket.  Our display included several pieces of equipment, the Burghs "Blue and Yellow" and a television monitor broadcasting both local and international cricket.  We also put on a cricket demonstration with live narration describing the finer points of the game.  The audience that gathered was encouraged to participate in the demonstration by trying a turn at batting, bowling and fielding.  Many did, including several young women who appeared interested in participating in the great sport.  There were a few members of the audience who stayed behind after the demonstration was complete to try their hand at both hitting and receiving “slip” catches. 

On a personal note, the Community Cup is a great way of spreading cricket awareness to those outside the cricket fraternity.  I look forward to increased participation from our club in the years to come.  A special thank you to Shahid Khan for getting the New Edinburgh Cricket Club invited to the Community Cup.   Finally I would be remiss if I did not say a big thank you to my fellow cricket ambassadors (and demonstrators) – Terry, Tanmay, Charlie and Sylvan.


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Dominic Thomas (NECC)