New Edinburgh Cricket Club Ottawa - Club Constitution




   1.1 Name:  The name of this club shall be THE NEW EDINBURGH CRICKET CLUB of Ottawa

   1.2 Objective: The objects of this club are:

 (a.) To promote and foster the game of cricket on and off the field.

(b.)  To promote an atmosphere of co-operation and friendliness among its members.

(c.)  To promote a spirit of competitiveness among the membership in relation to other clubs.

(d.)  To provide a forum for its members wherein they may relate socially to each other and other clubs.

(e.)  To engage in socially responsible activities via the means of cricket.


           2.1 In this constitution. The following words shall have the meanings given herein:

(a) Cricket Club – The New Edinburgh Cricket Club with its headquarters at Rideau Hall, grounds of the Governor General of Canada

(b) Administrative Power – Pertaining to the management of the affairs of the cricket club.

(c) Legislative Power – Pertaining to the enactment of laws and rules of the cricket club.

(d) Judicial Power – Pertaining to the interpreting of the constitution, laws and rules of the cricket club.

(e) Executive Officers President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairperson of Social Committee

(f) Captains and Vice Captains – Captains and Vice Captains of the ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘T20’ teams

(g) Selection Chairperson – A voting chair of the selection committee.

(h) Majority – A simple majority, i.e. 51% of the members present and voting.

(i) Meeting – A properly constituted general meeting, or a properly constitute special meeting, as per 9.1 (b) or 9.6.

(j) Club Year – That period of time from a properly constituted AGM to a properly constituted AGM in the subsequent calendar year. 

(k) Vote – By open ballot, except where by a majority, the meeting deems it necessary to vote otherwise. 


            3.1 (a) Any person may on approval of the Executive be inducted into the cricket club.

                  (b) Inducting of any person into the club shall take the form of that person paying the club fees and filing the membership form.

                  (c) Membership – Honorary, Life members, Playing members, Student members, Non playing members.

            3.2  HONORARY MEMBERSHIP

                  (a) The club may by motion at a general meeting extend the privilege of honorary membership to any person who is not an existing member of the club.  
                        Honorary membership may be awarded to any person who has made exemplary contributions    to the club or to cricket in Ottawa more broadly.

                  (b) Honorary members may not hold any office in the club.

                  (c) Honorary members will not be required to pay dues.

           3.3  LIFE MEMBERSHIP

                  (a) The club may by motion at a general meeting extend the privilege of life membership to any existing member of the club who has performed extended distinguished service to the club.

                  (b) Life members will not be required to pay dues.


4.1 The Executive of the club shall be:

                   (a) The President

                   (b) The Vice-President

                   (c) The Secretary

                   (d) The Treasurer

                   (e) The Chairperson of the Social Committee



5.1 (a) The club shall elect its Executive officers, Captains and Vice Captains and Selection Chairperson at a meeting for this purpose held within eight (8) weeks of the end of the cricket season. 

     (b) The date and hour of these meetings shall be determined by the Executive.

     (c) Nominations for the Executive officers, Captains and Vice Captains and Selection Chairperson may be oral, but the voting shall be by secret ballot. 

           5.2 (a) An elected or nominated Chief Electoral Officer shall determine the procedure of the balloting, the counting of ballots and the validity of the ballots cast.

                 (b) The Chief Electoral Officer may appoint any member present at the meeting to assist him in his duties. 

5.3 Candidates polling the largest number of votes shall be elected to the office for which such person was nominated. 

5.4 Executive officers, captains and vice captains elected pursuant to Articles 5.1 (a) and 5.3 shall assume responsibilities of their respective offices immediately after the meeting at which they were elected.


6.1 Executive officers, Captains, Vice Captains and Selection Chairperson shall hold office for one club year subjected to Article 6.2. 

6.2 (a) Any Executive officer, Captain, Vice Captain or Selection Chairperson who resigns must do so by written notice to the Executive.

(b) Any Executive officer, Captain, Vice Captain or Selection Chairperson may be removed from office by a three-fourth majority at a Special General Meeting called for this purpose. 

(c) Any member of the Executive who without reasonable excuse misses three (3) consecutive meetings of the Executive is deemed to have vacated office.


7.1 The Administrative powers of the club shall lie in the Executive. 

7.2 The Legislative powers of the club shall lie in the General Assembly. 

7.3 The Judicial powers of the club shall lie in the President except when over-ruled by a two-thirds majority of the voting members present, be it of the Executive or the General Assembly where the ruling is made. 

7.4 Any member who disagrees with the ruling of the President may move for a veto of the subject ruling by the President.


            8.1 The President shall:

                         a. Call all meetings of the club,

                         b. Act as Chairperson at all meetings,

                         c. Be the formal representative of the club except where otherwise decided,

                         d. Have a casting vote to determine any issue which on a vote results in a tie,

                         e. Enforce the observation of the Constitution of the club.     

8.2 The Vice-President shall:


                         a. Assist the President,

                         b. In the absence of the President, perform all the duties pertaining to the office of the President.

           8.3 The Secretary shall:

      1. Keep a record of all the meetings of the club,
      2. Handle all correspondence of the club,
      3. Circulate to all members notices of the activities of the club,
      4. Distribute copies of the constitution to all members and keep a supply on hand,
      5. Carry out the usual duties of the office as specified in the bye laws.

8.4 The Treasurer shall:

      1. Keep an account of all revenue and expenditure of the club at all times,
      2. Be responsible for ensuring that all members pay their season fees in timely fashion,
      3. Approve all expenditure of the club,
      4. Provide a financial statement to the club,
        • At the Annual General Meeting
        • Whenever requested by at least two-thirds of the members.                        

8.5 The Chairperson of the Social Committee shall:

      1. Provide a forum for club members to relate socially to each other and other clubs,
      2. Call and chair all meetings of the Social Committee,
      3. The Social Committee shall function as specified in the by-laws.


             9.1 Meetings shall be held:

(a) Anytime on the advice of the Executive, if there is business of the club to be dealt with immediately,

(b) Upon the presentation of a petition by ten (10) members or twenty-five (25) percent, whichever is less of the voting members of the club to the Executive, to decide a matter in the petition. 

 9.2 Subject to Article 9.1 meetings shall be called by a notice from the President through the Secretary given as follows:

      1. General Meeting – Two (2) weeks
      2. Special General Meeting – Forty-eight (48) hours.

 9.3 After the special topic has been dealt with at any special meeting, by motion, further business of the club may be dealt with.

             9.4 (a) Proceedings at any meeting are valid only if a quorum of the voting members of Club is present.

       (b) A quorum is two (2) times the Executive plus one (1) of the members. 

             9.5 The Executive shall call at least two (2) general meetings per club year. 


10.1 The club shall open and maintain an account at an established Commercial Bank recognized by the Bank of Canada. 

10.2 All cheques and drafts drawn on the account shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by either the President, Vice President or Secretary. 

10.3 All expenditure exceeding $50.00 other than fixed charges shall be approved by the Executive prior to the transaction. 

10.4 There shall be an annual membership fee to be determined by the Executive meeting. 

10.5 Game fees shall be determined by the Executive and shall be paid by the playing member to the Captain or his delegate during the game in which he participates. 

10.6 The Executive shall at no time make loans from the funds of the club. 
10.7 Only Members in good financial standing shall have the right to vote



   11.1 The Standing Committees are:

                   (a) Social Committee

                   (b) Selection Committee 

11.2 The Executive may nominate or invite members to form other standing Ad-hoc Committee for any purpose they see fit. 


12.1 This Constitution may be amended at any meeting upon a motion submitted at a previous meeting. 

12.2 Notice of the motion for the amendment shall be communicated in writing by the secretary to all members at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting, 

12.3 A motion for any amendment shall carry only upon the affirmative vote of 75 percent of the members present and eligible to vote. 



13.1 The Executive shall in writing prescribe the duties and scope of Authority of the Captains of the respective teams, the selection Committee and the Social Committees. 

13.2 If for any reason the Captain, or Vice-Captain of a team cannot exercise his authority or perform his duties, the Selection Committee may for the efficient operations of the team delegate any member not otherwise prohibited to perform the duties   as if such member were the Captain. 

13.3 The Selection Committee shall:

(a) Be responsible for selection of all N.E.C.C. representative teams,

(b) Comprise of Captain “A”, Captain “B”, Captain “T20” and the Selection Committee Chairperson  

(c) If for any reason a member of this committee fails to attend or to make his representations at a meeting of this Committee, the other members of this Committee shall nominate another member of the club to serve at that meeting, but in no circumstances shall the Selection Committee conduct a meeting with less than three (3) members. 

d) New Edinburgh Cricket Club Selection Policy:

                        Selection Policy Objective

The objective of the selection policy is to create a transparent and structured framework to select strong and balanced teams to represent NECC in OVCC tournaments.

Roles & Responsibilities

As per article 13.3 of NECC’s constitution, the selection committee comprising of the Selection Committee Chairperson and Captains from the 3(Challenge ”A”, Citizen ”B” and “T20”) divisions will be responsible for selection of all N.E.C.C. representative teams.

The role of each Selection Committee member is:

a.      Selection committee chairperson – To oversee the process and ensure club policies & values are adhered to in all selection decisions

b.      Challenge Division Captain – To select & captain the challenge division

c.       Citizen Division Captain – To select & captain the citizen division

d.      T20 Division Captain – To select & captain the T20 division

e.      Decisions will be made by the committee and not by any individual. However, where issues cannot be resolved, the final decision will be made by the Selection Committee Chairperson

f.        In the absence of the Selection Committee Chairperson, a member of the Executive committee shall chair the selection meeting

Guiding Principles

When selecting a team, the following 3 guiding principles will be leveraged:

a)      All 3 divisions (Challenge “A”, Citizen “B” and “T20”) will be of equal importance. NO DIVISION WILL BE TREATED AS 2nd or 3rd TIERED

b)      Team selection will not be based on a single factor but on multitude factors as outlined in the Selection Criteria section

c)      Decisions will be made primarily for the benefit of the club and success of the divisions.


Selection meetings will be held on the practice evening prior to a Saturday/Sunday(some instances Monday) fixture. Where it is impossible to meet, selection will be done via telephone and or other communications tools.

      Selection Criteria

The following factors will be considered by the selection committee when selecting teams:

·         AVAILABILITY: It is the responsibility of the player to provide availability by no later than end of day prior to practice through the “NECC Availability”. All teams will be announced via email. Unless there are extenuating personal circumstances, anything outside of this procedure is considered unacceptable.

·         FORM: This is a critical factor but not the only one.

·         Practices: All players are required to attend training practices. If players are unable to attend practice, it is their responsibility to advise the captain/selection chair of their situation and attend when possible. As long as performance is still at an acceptable level, selection will not be affected; however, a lack of communication will be seen as detrimental to selection.

·         TEAM BALANCE: A captain is entitled to have team balance, both in relation to the spread of batsmen and bowlers in the team as well as the type of batsmen and bowlers. Team balance may also vary between the 3 divisions.

·         ATTITUDE & WORK ETHIC: It is expected that all players will approach practice sessions in the same way that they would approach a game. Players are always expected to work hard during practices and support each other . All players must wear appropriate practice attire.

·         BEHAVIOUR: All players must always adhere to the New Edinburgh Cricket Club Code of Conduct when representing the club both on and off field. Players bringing the club or the game of cricket into disrepute will jeopardize their chances of future selection

·         PAYMENT OF FEES: Players who have paid their fees by the due date or who have a payment plan approved by the club will be given preference in the selection process over players who haven’t.


Miscellaneous Items

1.      The Selection Committee will only select players registered with NECC/OVCC

2.      The selection committee will try its level best to announce teams by end of day following practice but in some instances, this may get delayed to Friday noon.

3.      A player may forfeit their rights to future selection under the following scenarios:

4.      once selected and informed, a player refuses to play for the team in which they have been selected, without good reason.

5.      player on his own decides to drop-off from a team to let someone else take his position.

6.      Should a player become unavailable after selection, the selection committee will be entitled to call up any player not currently engaged as a substitute to ensure the strength of the sides is not compromised.

It must be recognized that the selection committee will not always be able to please everyone, and all players must understand that the Club’s interests and then the interests of the team will always come before their own. No one is guaranteed a spot in any given side and given that the selectors have the full support of the club executives, all decisions made in accordance with this policy will be final.

Complaints & Grievance Procedure

The selection committee exists to help and provide support and will always be available to listen should players have any complaints, suggestions or constructive criticism regarding the selection process. All issues of this nature should initially be addressed to the selection chairperson

13.4 The Executive at any time may abolish or amend any BY LAW.